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Old World

Old World Kitchen Styles





Old World kitchens—with their large cooking hearths or grottos and distressed, unfitted cabinets—trace their look to pre-17th century Europe. Often painted, the raised panel cabinetry should feature elements like cracking, beadboard, dish and cup racks, valence legs, and flushed toes.



Expect to see:

  • Furniture-look cabinetry
  • Stone walls and/or floors
  • Pewter or copper accents
  • Mosaic tiles
  • Brick or plaster walls
  • Deep, rich colors

Appliances hidden behind panels



Tuscan: With a softer, more feminine design, Tuscan kitchens rely on natural materials. While the cabinets are often painted in whites, creams or earth-tone yellows or browns, they tend to be monochromatic.



Other Old World styles: Italian Villa, French Chateau, Normandy cottage, Dutch cottage, medieval, Gothic, Mediterranean, Castle